Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wayfinding comes to San Jose

Jay Stagi and his crew from the MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Commision) were in front of the "Silicon Valley" Arena this morning installing one of San Jose, few wayfinding signs aimed at pedestrians. This is however not a San Jose sign, so someday if the city follows the lead of Washington DC, New York, or Portland, the signs will fall outside of any standard. But hey at least it's a start.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama's High Speed Rail Program

This recent editorial from the Christian Science Monitor

“There’s no reason that Europe or China should have the fastest trains,” said President Obama in his State of the Union speech. Actually, there is one reason that might hold back America from having a much-needed high-speed rail system: a long-term government commitment to fund it True, the Obama White House has worked up a head of steam in favor of fast trains. It has already dedicated $8 billion to them in the 2009 Recovery Act. And it hopes Congress will spend another $5 billion over five years to keep this idea moving.
Together, that would be more than three times the annual budget for Amtrak – a sum as energizing to regular train users as a locomotive whistle.  But the new spending won’t complete even one train line that exceeds 150 m.p.h. – the definition of a fast train. It will help only two states, California and Florida, to build such lines (California’s alone is expected to cost at least $45 billion). And it will improve speed and safety in other corridors around the country, such as St. Louis to Chicago, and Portland, Ore., to Seattle, but not break the 150 m.p.h. barrier there.
If Obama wants to be known for fast trains as Dwight Eisenhower was for interstate highways, he will need long-term buy-in from Congress, from state and local governments, and from private investors. To fund an investment this big, the support must be bipartisan, must include multiple funding sources, and must continue over administrations.
That may not be as hard as it looks, largely because reasons against high-speed rail are falling by the wayside. One traditional one is that America is too spread out to make fast trains economically viable. But few people are talking about a system to connect the entire country. Over the years, the Department of Transportation has designated 11 “corridors” where high-speed rail would benefit highly populated areas. It’s an approach that makes sense.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gil Penalosa of Walk and Bike for Life Coming to the Peninsula

Join County Supervisor Carole Groom and keynote speaker Gil Penalosa of Walk and Bike for Life. Learn about the many benefits of active public spaces, joint use agreements, community and school gardens, and park equity mapping.

Workshops will be provided by the Prevention Institute, the Trust for Public Land, Planning for Healthy Places, and Collective Roots.

RSVP is required for this FREE event. Space is limited. Lunch will be provided.

To register: call (650)363-4568 or e-mail

You can also catch Mr. Penalosa in San Mateo on the 15th -

October 16, 2009 - 8:30am - 1:30pm
399 Marine Parkway
Redwood Shores Library
Redwood City, CA

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shopping Cart Bike Trailer

Spotted this cart being used by the Chai vendor at tonight's Bike-In movie.

And here is another cart that was selling delcious cupcakes.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The New Family SUV

Found this Surley parked outside of the Saratoga REI. This Surley "Big Dummy" outfitted an ExtraCycle kit has all a Silicon Valley Family Needs; two child carriers, a pick up bed located in the front, complete light and horn kit and even 4 water bottle holders.

The child carrier looks like it is a hand built custom kit complete with a child proof kick plate.

The Extracycle bags on the rear provide plenty of room for groceries and the bed up front is perfect for larger items such as the kids toys.

If any one wants go share their families "SUV" and their stories of a car free or car-lite life, leave me a comment here.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Don't Let The Flag Fool You

So Let me get this straight. If I drive a truck (solo of course) bigger than most Japanese houses, and I stencil an Amerkin flag on the side of the truck (which is almost the size of a highway billboard), I am an American Patriot.

How did we get here. How does this supposed to represent hard working, sensible, tolerant Americans. The sheer energy just to move this thing off of a stop light could power my home for 2 days.

It's no wonder why former President Bush how to go to the Saudi's; hat in hand to beg to keep the oil spigots open. Middle East oil barrons just love to see pictures like this. More money to fund terrorist projects.
So please sir, ask yourself this question; "Who is the true American Patriot, Me, or that guy on the bicycle I just ran over?".